Federico Polloni

Federico Polloni (1991), originally from the Asolo hills, graduated in Painting from the Fine Arts Academy of Venice under Professors Aldo Grazzi and Carlo di Raco and now lives and works in Venice.

He has participated in numerous national and international competitions and has exhibited his work in many cities around the world, including New York, London, Bergen, Milan, Gothenburg and Ljubljana. His artistic practice takes the form of constantly evolving research, rich in pictorial experimentation. Departing from existential questions, elaborated in forms drawn from the common imagination, it harks to a mystic symbolism. His works presents his personal research with the possibility for subjective interpretation, triggered by imaginings that recall the world of dreams. They attempt to give form to a primordial imagination tied closely to both the natural and man-made worlds. In his continued search for objective synthesis and intrinsic truth, he juxtaposes personal experience with studies of historic figures, displaying energetic pictorial solutions balanced somewhere between the abstract and figurative.


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